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Determine If Your Business Qualifies For Office In Home

Once you have determined that you are entitled to claim a deduction for business use of your home, you then need to determine the allowable deductions that are related to your business, and the use of your home.
So what household expenses are deductible? To make this determination it is necessary to separate your household expenses [...]


Tax Definition and How it works

Taxes are a levy imposed upon people or legal entities by a governmental entity. There are many forms of taxes including income taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, consumption taxes, excise taxes, retirement taxes, sales taxes, tariffs, toll taxes and transfer taxes. This article focuses on reducing income taxes for real estate owners.
Income taxes [...]


Top Ten Tax Tips for Foreign Property Owners

1. Don’t Forget You Still Have UK Tax To Pay!
Arguably, this is more of a warning than a tip, but it is vital to remember that any UK resident individual buying property abroad is still exposed to UK tax on that property. This may include UK Income Tax on rental income, UK Capital Gains Tax [...]


Lorilland Inc MetLife Inc XL Capital Ltd CNA Financial Corp Quarterly Report

Although Lorilland Inc sales edged up from 1.05 million last year to $1.07 million this year, second quarterly report shows that their profit declined to $217 million from $239 million earlier year or declined on share $1.25 per share in the present compared with $1.37 per share last year.
Declined on their quarterly report are caused [...]


Cigarettes, Tax and Poor Countries (third countries)

Prolog;To open my stupid metropolis opinion; I have simple question for us to answer and discussion together; which Countries give Marlboro Lucky Strikes profit? And Why Poor Countries are the biggest cigarettes market segment? Or why Poor Countries consume the biggest portion of Global Cigarettes Production?
Japanese Television and Newspapers launched the news that Government has [...]


Tax and Evasion

Samsung Chief is reported to retire from his position.
Lee Kun-hee (66) Head of the Korean Giant Samsung Group reported decide to put his position after 22 years. The decision rose as his indicting to evasion tax and avoids this beach of trust, Reuters report.
Internal staff reported that Lee and his family still control Samsung.
Lee came [...]

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