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Oil Price is set to $50 US per Barrel after Bailout

Oil Crude prices rebound above $50 U.S. dollars per barrel, but then declined again on Monday local time, because traders consider the possibility of a decrease in OPEC production this weekend and continued economic turmoil. In New York, light sweet crude oil for January delivery ended at 44.51 U.S. dollars per barrel, down 1.77 U.S. [...]


Oil prices plunged After Automotive Bailout U.S. Failed

The price of crude oil plunged on Friday, local time, after a bailout plan for the automotive industry so that the U.S. failed to heighten concern about slowing down on demand due to the global financial crisis bites. As reported by AFP, light sweet crude oil for January delivery fell 1.70 U.S. dollars to be [...]


OPEC Tries to Save Oil Price from Worst

After made new record high $147 USD /barrel in July 2008, oil price has been declined more than 100 percent. Premium price is lowest in last 3 months in America after cut 53 cent. Oil price is predicted will go down below $40 USD/barrel as Global Financial Crisis result. Oil shipping contract in New York [...]


Reuter Before The Bell News Mail on June 27, 2008

Reuter, through the professional news mail editor Lisa Von Ahn told that Oil crude has made its new record price, upper to $142 per barrel. FED has been launching that 2 percent of benchmark interest rate is normal and still run.
Welcome to the Reuters Before the Bell news mail.
After oil prices and concerns about the [...]

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