Part Time Job vs Main Job

To get food through work is absolutely destiny. We work and then get money to buy food to eat. I am doing this stupid live, and others also do it too. To be a better live, our income from work should equal with monthly balance at least. Upper is the best for our saving in future live. Financial freedom is the key for people to stay save in world. I would like to share my idea and my live experience in financial freedom purpose. Since November last year 2007, I entered online marketing and I get nice monthly income. I can buy many junk donuts and I can stay save. My expenses are lower than income, so I think online marketing is great current job. All I do is continue and upgrade my skill in online marketing, to be professional marketer, and create little company, marketers’ organization. Because of different in zone time, I work at night and take same rest in day and if can I do maintain and do my job in day.

Last couple year, friend invited me to work with his boss. This is my first real professional career and working with boss. I had no boss before so I found a little bit trouble in adaptation. Actually, friend invited me because of I have many leisure time in day, he said, if you agree, you can replace your leisure day, working with my boss so you get more money. I remembered it. I accepted it, I think this is great experience to working and associate with real friends, boss and make new relations. No problems so far with my communication and relation because I have good talent for that.

Problem rose!
I start work 8 in the morning to 17:00 in the evening, nine hours and the boss pays me lower than online marketing payment for a month. Spent full hours in office, no nap is very hard for me. I am tiring now because when I come back to home, too tired and no idea to start my online marketing job. I consider and decide that real working is part time job (but spent my whole day) and online marketing is my main job.
Anyway, with this condition, I have no idea; my income in online marketing went down in last two months. Poor! Maybe we are impacted by American crisis. I have to rearrange and think twice about my current decision. Where I should walk? Stop working in real job and continue my online marketing is always running in my mind.

I think this is not efficient decision. Labors spent more hours to work based on income purpose. For example, ideal work hours a day is 12 hours, main job cuts 8-9 hours, so we have extra 4 hours a day as leisure time. Rationally, labors will find part job to find more money with their extra 4 hours. But what I do is a mistake. I spent 9 hours as part time with lower monthly income. It is very contrast with my main job, working up to 6 hours in the night and I get higher income. Ideal condition is my part time job gives me higher income than my main job because of more hours I spent for part time job.

I decide to stop in near, wait good situation and condition.

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