Improve your site in popular search engines

Till today, some friends of mine are still confusing about my activities in online marketing. How and how I get money? Each day I hear the question. I have no idea anymore to explain. A little bit surprise but they still confused.

I entered Internet marketing because my friend said that Google gain million dollar each quarterly report. Yeah I believe the story because the founders have already been richest men in world and last quarterly report, Google still flied the flag. If Google gains the big pie, why we don’t do the same way?

Although I had no basic knowledge in Internet marketing, I have learned fast to be a younger SEO specialist. It is not easy to do because we have to combine between science and art. I told to people that SEO is an art rather than science, because there are many tools to improve our site to good position of search result in major search engines and also finding best targeting keyword. In other hand, we must follow the rules; update our search engine optimisation information each day for better result. I heard debate between Google and experts Webmasters about Google new rules many times, but Google still run as winner because most people use Google as their main search engine, so Google said, Follow our rules, or we move your site to the sand box.

If you are running your business in internet, trying to improve your website in better search engine result, hire an excellent SEO or hire your best webmaster who knowing well about search engine marketing such as keyword targeting, linking exchange, and listing in popular search engine and do SEO as well as Google and other popular search engine terms. And if you decide to do online advertising, it makes easier and helpful. As the perfect market, most advertisers charge lowest cost with excellent services. Running on pay per click advertising is one of the best tools to improve your business while save money. You pay each click they made. Choose your best partner to improve your business. Learn their services are best recommendation.

I have a story about my partner. He was using one of pay per click program to improve his store. On the account, he set automatically recharge on his credit card when his balance is less than $10. The advertising then charge higher than his expectation, so be careful and watch your account for better save.
In last, Content is the king and traffic is the queen. That is my motto, to describe how Search engine value our site. If we are online business, we prefer traffic then Content or website design. But if we want perfect, improve your site through creating unique and powerful content, coloring your site and promote your site to your neighbors. Once you pass this method, you will get good result on your business.

In the end of my opinion, please note that, all pay per click program or any other programs is not directly correlate with our selling. The programs have 2 main goals; first is to push visitors stay in our site and the second one is trying to make deep back links to our site.


Hotels in Australia, a New Level of Luxury Hotels

When we were debating about best places, my nephew always won. Why? He has already been in Australia and I am not so far. He said, “You may win with your traveling experiences but all of best places you visit are located in Indonesia. It is no used if you want to compare with me. I have visited Australia, Uncle.” He asked to me, “Uncle, have you see the kangaroo?” The voice is always around me.
I have to visit Australia, in order to equalize or win against my nephew. If the plan is realized, this is my first time to go outside Indonesia. Last couple days, a friend from Australia asked my CV and decided to help me, to find a job in Australia. Although it’s just a plan, there is no reason to make a dream, to make plan if I am in Australia someday.
I think it is crazy to visit a best place in Australia or other places alone, without partner or family or my girlfriend. Maybe we can do it alone in business activity, but if you are in traveling journey, it sound like crazy if we don’t invite someone to accompany.
Talking about traveling and vacation means we are talking about hotels and its accommodation. Before you deal with your flight schedule, make sure that you already booked one of Brisbane Hotels. Why Brisbane? If you love beach, here is your destination because two wonderful beaches are here, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Meanwhile, the Queensland capital also provides Discover tour, stores for vacationers and more. Most of vacationers choose Brisbane as one of best destination.
Australia is good to see. As well as others, Australia has thousand sightseeing to discover with cheap accommodation of course. For first time vacationers, they need help in order to enjoy the journey without any problems such as find quality Sidney Hotels and others hotels in the big cities such as Canberra Hotels, Melbourne Hotels. While Brisbane has beautiful coasts to visit, Sidney is also attracting vacationers with its wonderful beach and opera house. The last destination has become Australian symbol like Liberty in united state. No vacationers skip to visit opera house.
And if you are deep vacationers, try to discover Australian natural places in the west. Perth Hotels also provide high class facilities and services. From the isolated city, Perth will bring you deep in to the wild jungle, desert and any natural places in Australia.
Before you finish your journey in Australia, take a time to visit Melbourne or choose Melbourne as final land before you leave. Melbourne is modern city. They said that Melbourne is second Europe. Most of architecture is European style. In Melbourne you can do anything. If you are looking for international food, Melbourne is the place, pub and grills are spread entire the city and if you want to sleep well, all Melbourne Hotels will give you best dream.
Vacationers may have their opinion or story after came back from traveling. After came back from Australia with his family, my nephew said, hotel in Melbourne is great, the facilities, services and the situation are best. I wish to stay longer.


Home Theater Entertains All People

My neighbor said to his mom, “Look at our neighbor! He didn’t finish his school but he has home theater at home! So please don’t push me to school! Like a young family wish having a baby, home theater or sound system set is needed by everybody. Television helps lonely at home mom, DVD and Sound system help us, to bright our favorite singer closer to our ear; moreover, high quality sound gives you a live concert at home.
In my place, all homes have entertainment set and they fight force to have it. Each morning you will hear crazy sound even you can’t hear clearly because each homes play the music at the same time in the morning and in the afternoon while enjoying coffee time. They do like a racing, to show others that my quality of sound is the best. That’s why my people will choose an entertainment set especially DVD and Sound System set if they have a lot of money. They don’t want other but a player to entertain them.
While writing this post, my music doesn’t stop play. I believe music give fresh idea, but depended on the music. Only special music can do that and only best sound system will give you the best sound to hear.
Last couple days, I bought new plasma television, Samsung plasma television 50 inch for one purpose, the television only for AC Milan match. As you know, I only spend 2 hours a week to sit in front of my TV, to see my best football team. Wider screen means more real and more life.
Finally, as well as people wish to sit together with God in the heaven, having a home theater set at home is our best wish. Only stupid people don’t love music and entertainment. Create a cinema at home now through having a wider screen Plasma Television or having a DVD player completed with a home theater projectors at home.
In online store, there are many stores that guide you to have high quality of home theater. Find a best price, read people review on home theater sets or find a complexity store with complete services such as detail information about the items, costumers review, link to best store which supply the products.


Recommendation HDTV for Highest Satisfaction Watching

I was charmed by Sony BRAVIA XBR Series KDL-52XBR9 52-Inch. It helps me to bring bioscope to my home. I can watch with family. Wider screen makes movie become more real, the sound experience and performance complete the show. Very fantastic TV! I came across from Amazon and I found Sony Bravia HDTV also available there. I fall in love with Sony brand, remembering my first TV, bought at 1987 but still fine till today. That’s why I recommend through own experience.
Some reviewer at Amazon said that Sony BRAVIA XBR Series KDL-52XBR9 52-Inch is best for console games and sport channels. I have no evidence on it, but I can understand why they said that the best use if Sony BRAVIA XBR Series KDL-52XBR9 52-Inch has 1080p. Actually I don’t have the HDTV. For me US$ 2000 is too expensive but more people out there who have art of sense how to maximization their utility, I think the price is not a big problem.
Beside Sony Bravia, some of my favorite is Samsung LCD TV. Korean Samsung produces computer hardware when the company was running. I have its CD-ROM since 2003 and no problem till today. Maybe Sony is born earlier then Samsung, the brand has already been united with our heart. But more over, Samsung is international quality for best LCD HDTV. You can browse through Amazon, worldwide shopping center in online internet.
Take a while to see others recommendation from us:
LG 55LH50 55-Inch
Collection of Sony Bravia LCD
Collection of  Panasonic LCD


Plenty Apartment in Moscow Availalbe in September

Special goal for apartment and hotels agencies is to provide any information about apartment and hotels themselves, to inform available rooms include the facilities and related important information such as location, extra outdoor services. Apartment and hotel seekers should be happy because they are in information center website. Agencies make it easier to them. Of course, the agencies get quite commission for the job, but highest satisfaction and extra benefit is apartment and hotel seekers are easier to book in a site.
Apartments rentals services in Moscow also do the same goal. They provide available apartments near the center of the city; vacationers, students and business performers can find apartment according to their abilities. With my pleasure, I will use them to find prefer apartment because they do best, informing us all kind of facilities of the apartments, indoor services, photo gallery about the condition to let us choose the right apartment.
Working hard and integrated to apartment marketing, they provide Moscow Apartments list for daily rentals in order to keep up to date data. Check their available calendar to see available apartment, so you can arrange your plan. If you are in hurry and have no reason to rearrange your plan, contact the agency, let them know your question, perhaps they can solve the case.
Some of apartment in their collection are located in Kremlin, center of government office. Those apartments are best for your starting point for your business achievements. All apartment collection can be booked for long term and short term. Especially for short term living, the agency also gives special collection, Apartment for short term near Kremlin.
For newbie to Moscow, do not heritage to contact them, if you need their service to pick in airport or any information you do not have problems there.


Mobile Marketing, Powerful Solutions on Your Mobile

Today telecommunication technology is running fastest, maybe they have the same speed with the virus on the computer. From manual or analog communication technology to digital and now is going to video conference and VoIP. Human needs make it real and today present generation to enjoy beautiful features on telecommunication technology.
If you see a beautiful site that you can enjoy all communication into one system. I don’t know the name, but they labeled as all in one communication services, mobile text, instant message and email in a mobile. is a web SMS that you can join all communication package with cheaper price, fix on each month.
To Whom All in One Communication service should be given?
I start with easier example:
I have a travel agent bureau and I decide to enter online marketing to promote my travel agent. Most people say, create an account on online popular communities on internet and describe the travel. More friends mean more potential clients. I also created email marketing, targeted on thousands emails. Using email marketing has disadvantage is the mail move to spam box and people are hate to read it. Above tools are effective but if you learn the new solution from trumpia, I promise you have willingness to try and to become member.
Trumpia allows you to create your travel agent community. From your mobile, type community name and send it to the given number. With nice touching, the system will send your message to people as SMS format, Instant Messenger, Community or Social Publishing and Email format. Save time for the main purpose and others are to improve the marketing strength through text message services. Message is delivered to your clients and also to potential clients.
On the TV Show, they say, type HIM and send it to 123456 as support. Both of TV Show and trumpia use the same method, same technology and the same goal. So if you don’t understand with my explanation, you may go to the site and try the trial to see detail or watch the demo video. Contact them through their given number for any missing information.
As the last of my opinion, it was and now; people use computer to build buzz or to inform their business and activities through internet media. Since mobile networking does it, people then surprise by the powerful tool.

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