New Global Economic Power

Economic Crisis in America has new signed, Analysts predicts that Crisis is new era in Economic power in the world has changed to EAST (Russia and Asia). Not only Economic, Military power is also predicted move to EAST. Analysts put great reason and real factors behind the crisis in America. Asia has become Central of Manufactures and Business. NIC (National Intelligence Council stated on their paper GLOBAL TRENDS 2015, announced in Washington. NIC survey is based on the US Intelligent Analysts after taking one year to collect some data from Economists and Politicians.

American Economic and Politic Power will reduce significantly in next 20 years and the crisis in Wall Street shows the signal. US Dollar will set in the same level with others currencies. Chief of NIC Thomas Fingar and National Deputy for Intelligent Analysts of NIC said that the displacement signal is signed with unavoidable conflicts, war and struggle to obtain natural resources.

Not only Economic and Military; Global Wealth is also being displacement to EAST. As central of manufactures, Asia will get millions Dollar and become central of wealth as the trading benefits.
European and America have enough natural energy and land, and earlier idea OURSOURCING is new method for EUROPEAN and United State to get foreign resources.

China and India, two of the new world economic central will equal at the same level with United State and will create multi-polar world in Economic and Military. Russian doesn’t show enough data because Russia is still depended on natural resources and energy and foreign investment. Iran, Turkey, and Indonesia is new candidate but still in progress, trying to powering.
G-20 fears about the phenomena-displacement of global economic and financial-too fast to predict. They put high concentrate to talking about this in their Meeting in Washington. America, Home of the Global Crisis virus is increased in number of unemployment. Media said that number of Social Security increase and create new record in last 21 years.

Top 10 vacationers counties in Bali descend rapidly as Global crisis impacts. The indicators showed that number of hotels booking last one month rapidly reduce 40 percent. Local government fears if the crisis runs in long run. In October, till October, Vacationers in Bali reached 1.6 million or increase 23 percent, compared with the same period in last year. Local government has targeted that in 2008, sum of vacationers will sit around 1.9 million and the target become unrealistic and they must take necessary action to promote or to increase vacationers in Bali.

Beside Bali, Jakarta is also attacked by the global crisis, reported said that there are 600 foreign restaurants will down with input problems. Another factor is import restrict on food. Foreign Restaurants have at least 6000 employers and if input problems aren’t solved, potential housed employers will be happened.
In Jakarta, Global Crisis has got the targets; housing employers, conflict between labor unions with industries are happened. There are 93 industries is being conflicted against labor unions. It is easier to understand; industries response the global crisis with general model, housing employers, cutting on Wage or Working Hours Reducing.

Air transportation will be attacked in 12-18 months from now! Equivalent with lowering on number of Vacationers in Bali, Number of Passengers is running low in near future, before that, air transportation gets good news; oil price now set below $50 USD/barrel, but demand side is still low because vacationers will reduce their travel as financial crisis and expensive goods as inflation effect.

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