How Popular your website? Submit it to directory

I have contacted my server and discuss with him about SEO. I said, Does Google accepted backlink from websites in one server (read web hosting)? In other question, Is it save to make linking between websites in one web hosting? Based on my experience, we accepted backlink from Google, when I made linking exchange between BlogSpot, but so far, I don’t know about paid domains.
Pagerank by Google; does the indicator have direct correlation with search result?
There is a big secret; Google webmaster didn’t show the good answer to us in his personal website. All we do is to see Google behavior and how Google rank our website in search engine and also pagerank. In this section, I would like to share my experience regarding link popularity, how popular your website?
Logically, you should give your identity card to others, beside card, advertising, plaque are good power to make us more popular (of course our products meet standard quality control). Website also follows the natural logically. If Google doesn’t accept backlink from other website in one server, it is helpful to submit your content to popular website (websites which having good SEO in search engine and high traffic. Submit it to relevant business web directory. It is powerful tool to promote your business. is good example. Having powerful SEO friendly web directory which helping you to improve link popularity, gain backlink and for traffic side, you can gain traffic from the site. is not the only one web directory in internet. There are hundreds web directories, so to make it working well, you might need my advice.

Yahoo has its own business directory; named Yahoo Directory, Google uses DMOZ (human review) to index data, Business.Com is also the best place to include your business. Some of them are paid and non-paid listing. Do not worry, hundreds web directories are free, you just find it out through search engine.
Google hate duplicate content. For example, if you submit the same article to some directories, the result is not optimal. Google boot declined backlink and even declined to index the content (mostly Google hide the content). Yes, you have know about it, write multiple content, unique contents and submit it to web directory, sit back and see the result. Most webmaster assumed that Google update period is 3 months.
Short conclusion is by submitting our business description to web directory; we make our website to be more popular (later you can check in Yahoo popularity and Google backlink). Submit it to best SEO web directories, if you want free submit, you save a lot of money by creating other domains.

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