General Electric Xerox Google Schlumberger Quarterly Report

Today, Reuters sends me quarterly report news from major industries in America and Worldwide. Here are some conclusions for you. For further information, you can visit Reuters to read full information.
Those quarterly reported from worldwide companies showed that global crisis attacked all business.

General Electric Company Quarterly report
Bad economic environment impacted General motor to book good result in balance sheet. Forth quarter is worst but there are hopes. 44 percent profit loss in forth quarter. Profit was $3.72 billion if we compare with last earlier report, General Electric booked $6.7 billion. Declining on profit rose as lowering revenue. General Electric revenue downed to $46.21 or 4.8 percent compared than previous revenue. In New York Stock Exchange, GE share closed at $12.77 or 5.3 percent declining from $13.48

Samsung Quarterly Report
Oversupply and low demand on electronic goods are two factors causing poor financial report especially on Chips and LCD Screen. Analysts predicted that in first report on this year will worse due the reasons for Samsung Chips and LCD, slower economic recovery and lower purchasing power are the reasons.

Profit declined is significant and they predicted the trend will show worse in first report on this year. Although sales rose 5.5 percent to 18.45 trillion won but high operating loss makes it nothing because due the crisis there were massive prices for chips and LCD.
Overall in range October – December Samsung booked $682 billion of operating loss due the ravaging chips and LCD prices.
According to Reuters, Samsung’s October-December net loss was 22.2 billion won, compared with profits of 2.21 trillion won a year ago and 1.22 trillion won in the previous quarter.

Xerox Corp Quarterly Report
Based on lower sales and high restructuring cost, Xerox revenue downed 10 percent to $4.37 billion, post sale revenue also fell to $3.1 billion or 8 percent, equipment sale revenue fell 15 percent to $1.3 billion. Massive fallen on sales revenue is caused by weakness economic condition. Xerox as leading producer and supplier of digital printer, document management services, services and supplier for printing machine booked $1 million net income in forth quarter.

Schlumberger Ltd Quarterly Report
As the oilfield services company, Schlumberger Ltd is one of the oil related companies that suffering by Lowering on oil price as global crisis forces low demand on industries.
Although Schlumberger Ltd booked higher revenue, $ 6.87 revenue or increase 10 percent, Reported stated that Schlumberger Ltd booked $1.15 net profit compared with previous reporting $1/38 billion. Current cheaper oil crude price is main factor for Schlumberger Ltd to recovery better balance report in future, because new oil field takes high cost to exploration and production while oil price is still running cheap. (Below cost of production or cost spent to produce I gallon of oil).

Google Inc Quarterly Report
Google has gloomy period in last year quarterly report as number showed in this time. Overall, Google also book profit loss as well as other tech sectors but revenue from advertising sales on websites helps Google survive as internet leader.
Booked lower net income compared last report due Google did investment in Clearwire Corp and AOL. Booked $382 million of net income, Google claimed that lowering on net income is caused by investment on Clearwire and AOL.
Google revenue came from and and took biggest portion around 67 percent or 22 percent higher than previous year.

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