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Verizon Bundlles-All in One Communication Package

I talked to friend in international biggest community about my internet connection; I said to her that I am frustrating about my connection, so it is very hard to reload page in the community and delay message on online chat takes time. She laughed and compared with her connection where she saved her budget with [...]


One Credit Card for All Business Solution

In online business where all transactions are online, we need more than standard transaction and transaction tools. More than standard transaction means all transaction is virtual and automatically and transaction tools are complicated. Comparing with real transactions, we have alternative option if our partners have different payment method. For example; you have no option to [...]


Outsource your IT for Effective and Efficiency Business

Outstanding people do believe that Companies, VIP people like president do outsource to solve their problems. Intel corporation for example; they outsource some hardware. Why? Effective and Efficiency are the highest reasons. Effective means avoiding waste time to learn and produce and efficiency means reducing cost of production.
The same case also happens on your IT [...]


Uncollectable Account Receivable, Target and Realization

Die hard clients or cussedness clients will find some reasons to keep their debt staying in pending. We don’t know why? Maybe they have problems with their business, the same problems like you where they also have high uncollectable account receivables on their customers or their clients. No liquid cash in the main reason why [...]


Software Development to Secure System

In modern day, business must be integrated with internet, network and up to date software, beside to increase our capability, our business runs easier check and balance, more transparent. I know well about the benefits of software, LAN and internet for business, and company must keep them as one of their capital. Technology is behind [...]


Cheaper Price Home Theater in our Hands

Last couple months, my cousin and her husband, me went to store, electronic store to buy home theater LCD TV. Amazing, the store provide many alternative of LCD’s. We loved them all, all of us agree that no one is bad LCD TV. We spent much time in Samsung counter to see amazing offer from [...]

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