Finding debt solutions using tax breaking of government

If you are seeking the solution to your financial world, then debt solutions are considered to be the best channel. If we look at the current scenario then, customers are facing a huge dilemma in the form of liability. Government has introduced numbers of new acts and regulations as a step towards reduction of unsecured debits. It is the responsibility of government and hence such bankruptcy can never be promoted by government. There ason behind this is its consumption of more time and hence it is considered as the last option. When all the options are closed for consumers then they seek help from bankruptcy. The phenomenon of tax breaking of government may turn to be a method of
debt elimination among all debt solutions.

It is a fact and everyone is familiar with the fact that under bankruptcy, negotiation of entire amount is done which is not possible by any other method of finding debt solutions, but ultimately if we look at its depth then we come to the conclusion that this method of finding debt solutions is not the appropriate one and also it may ruin the image of debtors and can reflect the negative image of creditors as well. It we go to the conventional debt solutions methods then negotiation of entire amount is not done and only half amount is negotiated where as rest of the half amount is left for the customers. Also it is worth important to notice that during the process of negotiation, it is equally important to talk about interest rates. If you make a selection of responsibility consolidation programs tax relief is considered as a blessings. Hence government tax breaking is really a kind of gift from god for defaulters and hence supposed to be a good method of debt solutions.

A new rule has been brought about by the government regarding debt solutions. This rule is particularly meant for those who choose to settle down their debt and makes an agreement of debt settlement. Under this rule, they need not to pay any tax to the government for this dealing. However this dealing is considered incomplete until and unless the creditors the persuaded completely but it is very daunting task to convince loan providers. And hence advisor or counselors are appointed particularly for this job. Their work is to manage all the lawful formalities. If the customer uses the methods of debt solutions in an efficient and proper way then they can get debt free within short span of time.


How Popular your website? Submit it to directory

I have contacted my server and discuss with him about SEO. I said, Does Google accepted backlink from websites in one server (read web hosting)? In other question, Is it save to make linking between websites in one web hosting? Based on my experience, we accepted backlink from Google, when I made linking exchange between BlogSpot, but so far, I don’t know about paid domains.
Pagerank by Google; does the indicator have direct correlation with search result?
There is a big secret; Google webmaster didn’t show the good answer to us in his personal website. All we do is to see Google behavior and how Google rank our website in search engine and also pagerank. In this section, I would like to share my experience regarding link popularity, how popular your website?
Logically, you should give your identity card to others, beside card, advertising, plaque are good power to make us more popular (of course our products meet standard quality control). Website also follows the natural logically. If Google doesn’t accept backlink from other website in one server, it is helpful to submit your content to popular website (websites which having good SEO in search engine and high traffic. Submit it to relevant business web directory. It is powerful tool to promote your business. is good example. Having powerful SEO friendly web directory which helping you to improve link popularity, gain backlink and for traffic side, you can gain traffic from the site. is not the only one web directory in internet. There are hundreds web directories, so to make it working well, you might need my advice.

Yahoo has its own business directory; named Yahoo Directory, Google uses DMOZ (human review) to index data, Business.Com is also the best place to include your business. Some of them are paid and non-paid listing. Do not worry, hundreds web directories are free, you just find it out through search engine.
Google hate duplicate content. For example, if you submit the same article to some directories, the result is not optimal. Google boot declined backlink and even declined to index the content (mostly Google hide the content). Yes, you have know about it, write multiple content, unique contents and submit it to web directory, sit back and see the result. Most webmaster assumed that Google update period is 3 months.
Short conclusion is by submitting our business description to web directory; we make our website to be more popular (later you can check in Yahoo popularity and Google backlink). Submit it to best SEO web directories, if you want free submit, you save a lot of money by creating other domains.


NESC Efficiency and Powerful Solution

Observers said, ‘we must do privatization for efficiency!’ Open-wide economic will find low cost with optimal benefit when they are thinking as professional. Why we hire daily worker? Why we need third party (not permanent) staff to help us? Efficient and fresh idea will appear.
For NESC, serving industry and government in their working area since 1977 is real fact that industries and governments needs their services. Why? Did their staff create fresh ideas, create terrific strategic and analysis for long term business? In order words, if NESC can hold out till now, we can say, their services are excellent.
What is NESC? NESC is non-profit industry, serving businesses (industries) and government in creating business plan in long term, creating business strategic in large kinds of businesses. They focus in long island, New York, New Jersey and city in these areas. Although I am not living at those areas, I’m sure that NESC is a best long island consulting and of course in others place in their availability working areas.
Simple argument; I have money and I decide to build new business but I am stupid guy, have no enough education and I just hire limited staffs only (operational staffs) and then I contact NESC, Hey NESC, I need your help, I need your fresh idea, 5W-H (Where, When, What, Who and How) to set up my business?
NESC then delivers their excellent staffs, excellent in any department. They have accounting staffs, human resources staffs, business plan specialists, budgeting staffs and more to your office. Looks like an instant services, they come when we need. If your business is covered on their area, contact NESC and let them work and see the result. Since 1977 they have been transforming both private and governments industries claimed as the reliable of new york city consulting.


My Blogs should be updated

Since He hired me as webmaster, I have no time to blog. He or office is not the reason but time is. I think, too long in office at the one side reduces my blogging time. It is too difficult to concentrate when your body and mind is tired. So when I start to blog at night, I feel sleepy after 10 minutes. Worst, I have no idea.
Why I’ve been there? Mortgage Bailout in United States attacked financial institution and then reduce companies’ budget to advertise. But this wasn’t a main reason. I have personal reason why I’ve been there for 6 months.
My Blogs should be updated!
I know well that my blogs must be updated. If Google didn’t read my new post for longer time, maybe Google assumed that my blog has been death and no longer maintenance but in fact, not! I am alive, just because of tired and sleepy, I couldn’t do update. In the past, I hired a partner for helping me with main job is to update my blogs such content and input new products at my blog store.
Most online money makers have real job and they argue that online business is just for part time (moonlight job). My friend managed over 100 domains in the night. How does he spend and arrange his time? He has good job in real and he only does blogging after working at office. I should ask him, how to make it better.
My Phone Cellular and Woman desire blog have no new post since 4 months ago, my stores didn’t update since I started to work at my present job.
Should I focus on blogging or manage my time to play 2 different jobs? Economic theory argued that we can do another job as long as higher payout rather than opportunity cost you suffered. The constraints are fix working hours and your physical capability.


Domain Name and Content must be Related

Jacky, we will grow up, make a lot of expansion to increase market share on this business. What next? He decides to buy more domain names, creating more portal to sell and rent villas in Bali. He knows a lot of knowledge about how to buy a good domain name, but he asks me for sure.
As internet marketer for my own websites, I know good information about it, how to get a good domain name, good in search engine, familiar and easy to remember. Why Yahoo and Google adopt double OO as their brand names? Easy to remember and also unique are basic things.
Here is a lot of information that you should pay attention in order to get right and best domain name.
• My best recommendation is there is a correlation between domain name and content. Let us say, your content is villa in Bali but your domain is absolutely different. I will give a simple example:
Right: your domain name is BALIVILLA and content is about any villas in Bali.
Bad choice: your domain name is FASHIONSTORE but the content in about any villas in Bali.
People confuse about your portal. This thing will affect your selling. It might better and also good if you put your company name as domain name. For example: STARTBUCKS.COM or GOOGLE.COM.
• Easy to Remember; Do not make your client write your domain name in their notes for remembering your domain name. If the note is missing, you will lose potential client. Easy to remember is also a must. Domain name must be readable and understandable worlds.
• Extension of your domain name. COM is popular domain name, so don’t let your domain .COM goes to your competitor. Buy it first and then others extension. If you decide to use .NET as your portal and then someone else pick .COM with the same domain name, which one is familiar and powerful? Most people only know that a domain name must be .COM, they will confuse if the extension is .MOBI, .BIZ, .WS and others extension.


Being employer although you run a small business

When I was writing the article, most of my energies have been spent for my future. I would like to go home, run a small business at home and grow older with my people and families. Today, I am in Bali to enjoy my time while working in villa management as webmaster and internet marketing division.
Before I continue the future plan, I would like to share that I hate to be an employee. I prefer as employer. But today I am working as employee. Why? I just get some experiences, learning how to manage an organization, how to market products, how to manage people and how system works on business. Those reasons push me to do that. Once I have good knowledge and experience, I will resign and thank to them, and start my business.
I have economic background, well known about any business opportunity, business research; I have some ideas, completed with each business analysis. I said to mom, next year, I will start small business, be success as my grandfather was.

Ask banks to help your business

I have a great ideas, that is to open a small computer rental and internet café in my home town, because its new style, internet is still a luxury services. After did necessary research, break even will be reached in 1.5 years.
Although I have been running online marketing since 2 years ago, I never do real business, so this is my first time trying and first time to proof that I have good ability in it. It is sound like actualization process to get back my grandfather golden era.

The big problem is money. Where I have to find bad credit? Bank is the answer but I have no experience as businessman, or I am a newbie and not an exciting businessman. How to get loan from them if they don’t know anything about me? I think, creating a best blue print is the best answer in order to get bank approval.
After crisis last year, banks become more secure to approve loan application. To reduce the risk, maybe they can’t help me full. My plan must work next year, even banks don’t accept my loan application, I have to fight to realize my business because I hate work as employee, even it is a small business

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